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As you smoke this hash, you’re reminded about a singular truth – hash is super powerful!

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Banana Hammock Hash (AAAAA) for Sale In MO

Hashish, or hash for short, is a unique type of cannabis concentrate with more flavor and more potency than a regular strain. Banana Hammock Hash is made from Grape God and Mandarin Sunset, a special cross that led to an AAAAA-level hash being created. Banana Hammock Hash is Indica-dominant, with ample relaxing and sedative effects that should take over your mind and body during the first few tokes. As you smoke this hash, you’re reminded about a singular truth – hash is super powerful!

What does Banana Hammock Hash look and taste like?

Think of halva, the Western Asian dessert, with its dense and crumbly texture. Well, hash is a bit more fiber-y and solid, though you can still crumble it in smaller pieces for easier smoking. It has a dark-yellow-green color and an excellent texture. After all, Banana Hammock Hash is AAAAA-level, which is the absolute best quality you can come across. Most consumers agree that this hash is indeed one of the best in the US, either in terms of flavor or potency.

When it comes to aroma, Banana Hammock Hash tastes just like the strains it was made from. Only with a bit more punch! Alright, more than just a “bit” of punch, since hash is highly concentrated, and this applies to the flavorful terpenes as well. Once you take a toke, your mouth should fill with an intense fruity and tropical aroma, reminiscent of Grape God and Mandarin Sunset. After a while, you’ll get used to the delicious aroma and smoke some more!

What effects does Banana Hammock Hash have?

The name of this hash strain should tell you all you need to know. The “Hammock” part in its clearly denotes its Indica profile, with highly relaxing and sedative benefits. Users report that the first toke is soothing and slow, with a steady grip of relaxation taking over your head and slowly spreading throughout your body. Toward the end of the high, you may find yourself half-asleep, with your mind bordering on absolute lethargy and sedation. Few things matter anymore as you wallow in that state of peak relaxation!

Not only is Banana Hammock Hash relaxing and sedative, but you may also find its medical benefits to be helpful. Until now, countless consumers have used Banana Hammock Hash to achieve a higher form of wellbeing and treat their medical conditions. Whether it was a regular headache, a panic attack, depression, or anxiety, this hash solved everything it came across. Apparently, it may even treat:

  • Symptoms of PTSD
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic pains
  • Neuropathic pains
  • Migraines
  • Bipolar disorder symptoms
  • Alzheimer’s disorder symptoms
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Banana Hammock Hash (AAAAA)
Banana Hammock Hash (AAAAA)
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